Top Toolshop Hacks

John Simmons has been a sparky for 30 years and runs his own DYI workshop in his spare time. 

Johnny's Top Toolshed Hacks

#1 - Save space in your shed - hang your ladder (and other large items such as booms) on your shed ceiling! 

#2 - Screw your old pickle jars to the base of shelvings, fill the jars with odds and ends. So convenient! 


#3 - DIY tape dispenser. Make sure you remember the filler block.

#4 - This one's a tough one but well worth it! Cabinets on wheels allow you to rearrange your toolshop at ease! 

#5 - Use an old bucket to keep your hose all wrapped up and out of the way

#6 - Make the most of wall space! Jockey straps are perfect for loose balls.