10 Clever Ways to Reuse Your Workshop Scraps

Handy ideas for putting leftover project materials to work instead of throwing them away

Create Hanging Storage With Hardware Cloth

Store bungee cords or other tangle-prone items neatly on the wall using a DIY hanger. Staple each end of a 3-by-12-inch strip of hardware cloth to a 3-by-3-inch piece of scrap wood. Affix the hanger to the garage wall; hook one end of each cord in the mesh.

Tether Your Top

Simply link the top of the garbage bin to a handle so that it never goes missing.

Use Paint Stirrers to Raise a Planter

Cut notches into stir sticks every 1½ inches and assemble them as shown. Place the grid under a pot to prevent deck stains and rot.

Use Weatherstripping to Spread Stain

Cut felt weatherstripping into squares for spreading stain in tight corners on furniture.

Use Sandpaper to Spiff Up Tile Grout

Some gentle friction with a folded fine-grit piece rubs out stains. Cover glazed surfaces with tape, and apply a sealant once the grout is clean.

Prop Up a Painting Project With Planting Pots

Use four or more pots to lift a cabinet door, piece of trim, or other item you're painting off the ground so that you can reach every nook and cranny.

Use Shellac to Restore Old Hardware

After removing dirt and paint drips from hinges, knobs, and pulls, seal the pieces with clear shellac—it will keep brasses from tarnishing too.

Use Carpet Scraps to Cushion Knees When Gardening

Roll up a scrap of carpet and kneel on it when spreading mulch, planting flowers, or weeding.

Use Car Wax to Keep Appliances Fingerprint-Free

Apply a thin coat of car wax to stainless-steel fridges and stoves. Buff clean to resist fingerprints and smudges.

Use Sand to Hold Open a Door

Center a sealed ziplock bag of sand on a square of fabric. Gather the fabric at the bag's top and secure with raffia, then place in front of a door.-